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VAN / Up to 7 pax + 7 suitcases

Brand: Mercedes-Benz, Opel or Ford

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Private VANs are the perfect choice for those of you travelling in a large party and you want to stick together. With some allowing room for up to 8 passengers, you can relax knowing that everyone travelling with you will be enjoying the same holiday experience as you. One of our helpful PrivateTransferBudapest drivers will meet you upon arrival and take you to your ready and waiting minibus. You’ll then be transferred efficiently and comfortably straight to your hotel so that you can start making the most of your getaway as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a great way to keep all your friends and family together, then a PrivateTransferBudapest private VAN is exactly what you need!



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 Friendly and reliable

"We were a group of 6 adults (with an elderly) with a lot of baggage travelling from Salzburg to Budapest and also from Budapest to Krakow. The car provided was spacious enough (9 seaters) for all of our belongings and there were enough leg space. We suggest to opt for one of the "stop-midway" option to rest and also experience the atmosphere of villages/attractions nearby. The driver was very friendly and professional and he came right on time. Good service. Recommended!"


Delfina C. 

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