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 Door-to-door transfers between Budapest and Bled 
Just one minute
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till 4 pax
till 8 pax
till 20 pax
4 hours
400 € 440 € 880 €
Lake Bled
4,5 hours
430 € 470 € 940 €
3 hours
310 € 350 € 700 €
5,5 hours
490 € 530 € 1060 €
5,5 hours
490 € 530 € 1060 €
5 hours
460 € 500 € 1000 €
1 hour
+30 € +30 € +60 €


Prices are per vehicle (not per person) and the same in both directions (to or from Budapest). If your destination is not on the list, please contact us.



If you would like to make any stop or visit any place on the way, please contact us for the options and prices.


Taxes, Fixed one-way transfer fee, Sanitized air-conditioned vehicle, Parking fee, Fee of motorway usage, Costs of fuel, Private chauffeur, Door-to-door service, Luggage assistance, Logistics costs.



Easy and fast booking, cancellation or change by email.

EUR, USD or Hungarian Forint
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and more

Private transfers from Budapest to Lake Bled or Lake Bled to Budapest


Lake Bled to Budapest or Budapest to Lake Bled (Include any hotel or address in Lake Bled and Budapest). Price for private taxi transfer from Budapest to Lake Bled or from Lake Bled to Budapest is fixed with no additional cost, no hidden extras. Rates are quoted per vehicle. The private transfer better than a other transportation (Like train, bus or plane), because is more comfortable, faster and it is not a problem to make stops along the way. You can choose either to travel via popular places and stop there for a short visit to the city or just a lunch. Get more information abut Hungary and the locals' life through conversation with the English speaking driver.


 Travel time: 4,5 hours from door to door
Distance: 516 km / 321 miles
Attractions on the way: 4


What to Remember

  • Save time, money and energy: instead of traffic jam to/ from the airports, no waiting in line in crowded airport check-ins, you travel in comfort and enjoy pleasant stopovers on the way
  • Only private shuttle services (door to door)
  • Safe cars and vans with professional and experienced drivers
  • You have a full service for your luggage, no need for a porter


FAQ between this two popular destination

  • We are group of six people and wish to book a transfer from Lake Bled to Budapest. I can see your company is based in Budapest. Can you provide such a transfer?

    - Yes, we provide transfers between both cities (in both directions).
  • Do you provide cheaper shared shuttle transport between Lake Bled and Budapest?

    - Unfortunately we do not operate such a service for transport. You might wish to consider using the train or bus instead. We can arrange transport from the airport to the train or bus station, and we can advise on the best transport available.
  • We are very interested in this transport but prices are too high. Can you give us a discount?

    - Unfortunately we are not able provide discounts unless you find a cheaper price from a reliable company for the same service we offer. We believe that our prices are already very competitive.

For more info and prices, please visit our partners as well: Taxi CabTransfer Budapest HungaryPrivate Transfer BudapestTransport BudapestGet Bus Tour.


Day trip with customized tour

You can choose either to travel via castle, lake, historical place or little town and stop there for a short visit or just a lunch. With us you get great flexibility as you can select the stops on the way. We save you time as travel time is reduced by nearly 50%, because you do not need taxis, trains or buses between the places, so with us you might even save money.


Private Transfer Budapest | Taxi, Minibus Transportation | Budapest to Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Zagreb, Split, Ljubljana, Belgrade | Private Car, Shuttle Bus, Day trip
Private Transfer Budapest | Taxi, Minibus Transportation | Budapest to Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Zagreb, Split, Ljubljana, Belgrade | Private Car, Shuttle Bus, Day trip
Private Transfer Budapest | Taxi, Minibus Transportation | Budapest to Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Zagreb, Split, Ljubljana, Belgrade | Private Car, Shuttle Bus, Day trip
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How it works
1. Choose your trip

Time is the precious thing on vacation. Traveling is much easier with our service. Book your trip, the local driver will pick you up at the agreed date and time and transfer you to your final destination.

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2. See bautiful places

Traveling by car does not have to be boring. On the way you can visit historical places or restaurants. Our driver will help you get to know local sights and traditions better.

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3. Enjoy your ride

Travel with us comfortable, safely and without stress. You do not have to worry about missed flights, delayed trains or overpriced taxis. Our driver will do his best to meet your requirements.

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